Friends of Fort Dells
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When was Fort Dells built?
The fill and foundations were laid in the fall of 1958. logs from Crandal's Forest on River Road and other sources were cut, shaped, and laid in the dead of winter 1958-59. Most all the construction of rides and amenities was done in the spring of 1959. The "fort" opened in June 1959 with the grand opening in July as actor Hugh O'Brien came and gave three performances.

When did Fort Dells close?
Fort Dells closed after the 1985 season. It then became Dells Crossroads featuring circus type acts for five years closing in 1990. What was left was mothballed until 1997 when the remaining structures were dissassembled and bulldozed (actually backhoed) into rubble.

Why did Fort Dells close?
In the early to mid 1970's a decision was made to severely cut the expansion/expense of attractions within Fort Dells which had been ongoing since Fort Dells was built. About this time increased competition of new waterparks and other outdoor attractions appeared in the Dells area. These factors led to Fort Dells decline. Another contributing factor was the Dells Crossroads departure from the Fort Dells theme (leading to total failure). Once this happened it would have been doubly difficult to go back. Ultimately, there were large difficulties to overcome and a lack of desire to overcome them which led to Fort Dells demise.

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